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Events: 2008 year

December 13, 2008 - Blagoveschensk

For the first time in the Far East on December, 13th 2008года there have passed fights for the Title of the Champion of Europe on Thai Boxing among professionals and for the Title of the Champion of Asia on Thai boxing among professionals.

For the Title of the Champion of Europe in weight to 86 kg, have battled in a match a revenge

Stanislav Popov (Russia, Omsk) - the Champion of Russia on К-1, the Champion of Russia on Thai Boxing, the Prize-winner of the World championship on Thai boxing (Thailand, Bangkok), Champion Evro-Azii among professionals, the Champion of Europe among professionals.

Ivan Stanich (Croatia) - the numerous Champion of the Balkan countries on Thai boxing and К-1, the Prize-winner of the World championship on К-1, the Champion of Europe on К-1, the Champion of Europe on Thai boxing.

The fight beginning was very rigid, from both parties, but Stanislav after a series of exact and strong blows in the end of the first round has entered in клинч, blow by a knee and rigid скрутка, the Harvatsky sportsman falls a head about a ring and loses consciousness, doctors have come to the aid and only in a locker room Ivan has come to the senses.
- At me heart cries - so he has told to organizers of tournament, after loss of a match of a revenge.

For the Title of the Champion of Asia in a weight category to 63,5 kg have battled
Ruslan Berdyev (Russia, Omsk) - the Champion of Siberia on Thai boxing, the International Champion on Thai boxing (Russia - Thailand) - 2008, Champion PFA-STADIUM and
Grigory Popov (Russia, Khabarovsk) - the operating Champion of Russia on Thai boxing among professionals

The victory on points was gained by Grigory Popov.
In tournament end, Oleg Kudrinsky has handed over the certificate of the official representative of Professional Fighting Association of Muaythai, to the leading instructor of Blagoveshchensk Egor Chervovu. Also for development of Thai boxing in region and creation of the sports project - Fight of Champions on the Cupid, organisation P.F.A.M.T. Has awarded with nominal gold hours, the promoter of tournament Paul Starodubtsev.

By the main judge of tournament has been invited - Oleg Kudrinsky - the president of Professional Fighting Association of Muaythai, the Master, the Deserved Instructor.

Organizers of tournament -

- Company Tristar and personally Paul Starodubtsev, Blagoveshchensk
- Professional Fighting Association of Muaythai
- Association of Thai Boxing of Russia
- Professional Center Muaythai, Blagoveshchensk

Sponsors of tournament -

- The company Currents - Docks, Blagoveshchensk
- Company Lemo Plus, Blagoveshchensk
- Konstantin Gamza
- Edward Zvada

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Publication 03/30/2009 10:39:01 AM
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