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Events: 2009 year

May 30, 2009 - Blagoveshchensk, ring e.c. Plaza

On May, 30th, 2009, Professional Fighting Association Muay Thai and company Tristar represent the International professional tournament on a Muaythai - Fight of Champions on the Cupid - 3. Tournament will pass in the city of Blagoveshchensk, on a ring of night club Plaza, the beginning of duels at 18-00.
Promoters of tournament - Oleg Kudrinsky and Paul Staradubtsev.
The main judge of tournament - Egor Chervov
Sportsmen of Russia will take part in tournament and a Thailand.

Structure of pairs:

- Weight to 63.5kg.

Priests Grigory - Russia, Khabarovsk (the Champion of Russia, the Champion of Asia on Thai Boxing)

Chumchamgrit Anisak - a Thailand, Bangkok (the Champion a Thailand, the International Champion - P.F.A.M.T. Champion PFA-Stadium. Has spent 80 prof. of fights, 64 victories, 14 knockout)

- Weight to 63.5 kg.

Potienko Anatoly - Russia, Blagoveshchensk (the Prize-winner of the Championship of Russia on К-1)

Hamfira Yuttana - Thailand, Bangkok (2 multiple Champion of Thailand, has spent 77 prof. of fights, 53 victories, 11 knockout)

- Weight to 69,9 kg

Savin Dmitry - Russia, Omsk (Has spent 11 prof. of fights, 7 victories, 3 knockout)

Anisimov Evgenie - Russia, Blagoveshchensk (the Prize-winner of the Championship of Russia on К-1)

- Weight to 82.5 kg.

Evgenie Ganin - Russia, Blagoveshchensk (Champion Evro-Azii on a Muaythai, the Finalist of the European championship on К-1)

Nachaturat It -Thailand, Bangkok (Two-fold Champion Radzhaminen stadium, Champion PFA - Stadium, has spent 80 prof. of fights, 60 victories)

Nachaturat It - Champion of PFA-Stadium

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Publication 07/16/2009 04:03:46 PM
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