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Events: 2008 year

October 25, 2008 - PFA- STADIUM

On October, 25th on ring PFA-STADIUM has passed about-amatorsky tournament on Thai boxing in which has taken part more than thirty sportsmen of Omsk clubs. Organizers of tournament - Omsk Муай Thaw Federation and Professional Bojtsovsky Association Muay Thai.
Results of tournament -
Young men

Weight to 30 kg.
1. Kulagin Danil (SC Letur) has won in the second round (in connection with refusal) Kuprejkinym Ivan (SC the Gold Dragon)
Weight to 42 kg.
2. Brazhnik Nikita (SC the Scorpion - the Pro) has won on Dubrovin Boris's points (SC the Gold Dragon)

Weight to 40 kg.
3. Sarojan Arthur (SC King Ring) has won on Saljanik Alexander's points (SC Letur)

Weight to 42 kg.
4. Kulagin Vladislav (SC Letur) has won on Penkin Anatoly's points (SC Letur)

Weight to 45 kg.
5. Starcheusov Nikita (SC Bangkok) has won on points Seifulin Erlan(SC Letur)

Weight to 81 kg.
6. Trofimchuk Alexander (SC the Scorpion - the Pro) has won on Mazurina Egor's points (SC Letur)

Weight to 60 kg.

7. Mitjugov Dmitry (SC Letur) has won on Sidorov Sergey's points (SC the Legion)

Weight to 57 kg.
8. Gevargyan Artem (SC King Ring) has won on points Gabbasov Asylbek (SC the Legion)

Weight to 63.5 kg.
9. Salads (SC Bangkok) has won Andrey on points Startsev Roman (SC the Gold Dragon)

Weight to 67 kg.
10. Zaharov Evgenie (SC King Ring) has won a knockout Lifljandsky Andrey's second round (SC Siam - Thaw)

Weight to 71 kg.
11. Cooper Anton (SC Letur) has won on Gamanova Vladimir's points (SC Siam - Thai)

Weight to 71 kg.
12. Mavdjuk Evgenie (SC the Scorpion of the-pro) has won on Goncharov Sergey's points (SC Letur)

Weight to 81 kg.
13. Hooks Artem (the Scorpion - the Pro) drawn game Brovko Kirill (SC the Legion)

Weight to 60 kg.
14. Fillipov Konstantin (SC Letur) has won on points Kabulov Kazbek (SC King Ring)

Weight to 86 kg.
15. Dronov Michael (SC King Ring) has won a knockout second round Gurgenyan Agavan (SC King Ring)


Weight to 54 kg.
16. Kozubovich Valentina (SC Letur - the Storm) has won on points Shartanbaevu Olga (SC Letur a-storm)

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Publication 03/30/2009 10:39:00 AM
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Photo of sportsmen on arena PFA STADIUM
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